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Patient Services

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Online Appointment Booking Options:

Office visit - New Patients

Televisit - Virtual visit

Please use this online form to request an appointment at our offices.  We will contact you with confirmation as soon as possible.  

1. For Office visit, we will confirm and bill your insurance for services.  This is a full inperson visit at our central location.  Please allow at least 1 hour for the visit and arrive 15 minutes early.

2. For Televisit, we will confirm and bill your insurance for services.  This online visit with Dr. Chhikara includes a full history, discussion, treatment plan, and if indicated, appropriate tests and prescriptions.  There is a $25 (nonrefundable) scheduling fee.

3. If you have questions about treatment options for ED, including Shockwave Therapy, select the “ED Information” option to schedule a call with Dr. Chhikara.  The scheduling fee is $50 (nonrefundable), and we will not bill your insurance.  

NOTE:  For established patients, please call office for follow-up appointments.  

If this is an urgent matter, please call us instead at (512) 476-6060.  If this is an emergency, do not use this form.  Call 911.