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Low Testosterone

Male Hypogonadism

The accepted low blood testosterone in men is less than 300 nanograms per deciliter for adults.  It can affect men at any age from birth to adulthood.  It is a condition in which your testicles do not produce enough testosterone.  Testosterone stimulates the development of male characteristics as well as being essential for sperm production.  It helps maintain sex organs, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cells and is important in the sexual and reproductive function.

Testosterone levels are higher in the early part of the day and declines throughout the day. Studies suggest that about 2% of the male population suffers from low testosterone.  Other research has indicated that more that 8% of people from 50 to 79 years old have low testosterone.

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How we can help

Austin Urological Associates can help men with low testosterone.  A large portion of the population especially among older men suffer from low testosterone levels that will also affect other aspects of your life as well as your health.  Effective treatment is available.  At Austin Urological Associates, we screen patients to determine the cause of the low testosterone and offer treatments that will help them get back to normal everyday life.  Contact us for an appointment at (512) 476-6060

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