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UroLift® System for Treatment of Enlarged Prostate

The UroLift® System treatment for patients with enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms has proven to provide fast relief and recovery.  The treatment helps open the channel with no cutting, burning or removal of prostate tissue.

The UroLift System is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in our office under local anesthesia.  Most patients do not require catheterization post-procedure and reports rapid recovery in days.

How does the UroLift system work?

The UroLift system uses small implants to help open the obstructed path that is blocking the flow of urine.  This is accomplished by accessing the enlarged prostate with the UroLift delivery device.  The permanent small UroLift implants help hold the prostate tissue out of the way increasing the size of the urethra.

Why the UroLift System?

When successful, the UroLift system can get men off of medications used to treat BPH which has can have significant side effects.

The UroLift system is minimally invasive and not considered major surgery.

BPH affects over 40 million men in the United States alone.

Whether you do not want to take pills that may affect your sexual function or simply want a long term solution that doesn’t require medication, the UroLift system may be a great solution for your BPH.  Talk to us today!


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